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April 2018: Delta Smelt Spawning March

Decades of overpumping the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary and greed-driven water mismanagement has lead California to a critical moment in its environmental history. Only two Delta smelt were identified in the state's last fish survey--the lowest count in 50 years. Now more than ever, this small but mighty indicator species needs fresh water to flow through the Delta, but the federal and state government have other plans.

2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Documented Stance on the Tunnels

The Delta Tunnels project will have an enormous impact on California's water future! 2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Documented Stance on the CA WaterFix Delta Tunnels Note: We only included the leading gubernatorial candidates from each party according to what we found on Wiki, Ballotpedia and LA Times. These are not endorsements. We are a non-partisan campaign. We are sharing this with the understanding that people will vote for the candidates that they like. This is for the sole purpose of keeping our supporters informed.   Democratic Party   Gavin Newsom - ??? Story from Sacramento Bee (1/25/18) Newsom also praised Brown’s openness to scaling back the water conveyance project to a single tunnel, which he said he hoped would lead to [...]

Take a Victory Lap First, Then Call To Oppose Phased Approach to Delta Tunnels!

Dear Friends of the Bay-Delta,   Today we take our victory lap. After 12 years of fighting the Delta tunnels, your persistent advocacy, generosity, and support for Restore the Delta has resulted in defeating one of the most formidable versions of this conveyance project. Our profound gratitude for our members, partners, and donors is immeasurable.   When the Peripheral Canal was struck down by voters in 1982, the public stopped a 22,000 CFS proposal.   When the project was resurrected as the Bay Delta Conservation Project under former Governor Schwarzenegger in the early 2000s, it became a: 15,000 CFS project.   When Jerry Brown returned to the Governor’s office, the BDCP shrank again to a 9,000 CFS project in 2013. [...]

Act Now: Hands Off Our Delta Smelt & Delta Flows!

  The Trump Administration’s recent announcement to increase Delta exports to Central Valley farmers poses an imminent threat to the emblematic California fish species under the watch of Governor Brown. With only two Delta smelt identified in the last fish survey, state and federal agencies need to focus time, money, and energy on restoring smelt populations instead of turning up the pumps.   If the Delta smelt are gone, it will be that much easier for tunnels proponents to build CA WaterFix—a system that when operated will usher in the extinction of Delta smelt if they are not completely wiped out during the project’s construction. The Delta smelt is our small but mighty canary in the coal mine; it is [...]

One Major Way to Stop the Tunnels in 2018

Dear Friends of Restore the Delta:   We are very grateful for your support that comes to us in many ways throughout the year -- from attending events and key government meetings, to writing comments, to making contributions.  You are the glue that holds our efforts together.   This is why in 2018, we are asking you all to make a concentrated effort to let your local elected officials (at the city, county, state, and federal levels), and candidates running for statewide offices why you oppose the Delta tunnels.  It doesn't matter which candidates you support.  What matters is that they understand that the Delta tunnels are an environmental and economic boondoggle and that there are many better solutions for [...]

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