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MWD Is Still Inflicting Its Will on California with the Delta Tunnels

After 10 years, California 'WaterFix' proponents still do not have a project or the money to pay for it. Proponents do not even have half the contributions for WaterFix bond sales lined up to move forward, with total State Water Project funding for the project (with other small contributing agencies on board) shy of 40 percent. On top of that, the project is only at 10% of design stage. But MWD is continuing to push their Orwellian interpretation of facts...   MWD's General Manager, Jeff Kightlinger, wrote in an email to his board of directors: Date: October 18, 2017 To: Board of Directors, Member Agency Managers From: Jeffrey Kightlinger, General Manager Subject: Santa Clara Valley Action on California WaterFix   [...]

Restore the Delta Responds to Confusion Surrounding SCVWD WaterFix Vote

Stockton, CA -- Executive Director of Restore the Delta, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla released the following statement regarding Santa Clara Valley Water District’s California WaterFix vote:   "Yesterday afternoon, Santa Clara Valley Water District agreed to moving forward with a project named California WaterFix, yet with funding capped at $600 million in 2017 dollars (minus interest), and for possibly one tunnel.   "The San Jose Mercury News and the Sacramento Bee reported that Santa Clara's vote is a rejection of California WaterFix as proposed presently.   "Governor Jerry Brown and Secretary Laird released statements that claimed victory because Santa Clara Valley Water District was moving ahead in supporting California WaterFix to get ‘the water they need.’   "These contradictory views of Santa [...]

Santa Clara Valley Water District rejects Jerry Brown’s twin Delta tunnels plan

Santa Clara Valley Water District rejects Jerry Brown’s twin Delta tunnels plan - San Jose Mercury News In a landmark move closely watched across California, Silicon Valley’s largest water agency on Tuesday voted not to participate in Gov. Jerry Brown’s $17 billion plan to build two giant tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. By a vote of 7-0, the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s board of directors chose instead to adopt a set of principles that endorses a significantly smaller project, with one tunnel that would have less capacity and a lower cost. “What magnitude of a project makes sense? From our perspective that looks to be something less than originally was envisioned,” said board member Barbara Keegan. Santa [...]

State’s Own Evidence Shows Tunnels Project Will Harm Fish

The Brown administration is denying scientific evidence when it comes to the impact that the proposed delta tunnels project would have on endangered species and fisheries, says scientist Jonathan Rosenfield of The Bay Institute.

BREAKING: Kern County farmers commit about $1 billion to tunnels project

Responding to the vote, our executive director, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, said, "Stewart Resnick's Kern County Water Agency is looking to MWD ratepayers to pay the bill for water that will cost too much to farm. Southern California ratepayers will be on the hook for Beverly Hills billionaire farmers and Delta people will pay the environmental cost." To read more about expenses for Kern County, click here for our prior press release.   Via the Sacramento Bee, "Group of San Joaquin farmers says they’re willing to pay for the Delta tunnels,": But the level of support from members of the Kern County Water Agency, which serves much of the $7 billion-a-year farm economy at the southern end of the valley, was less than wholehearted. An [...]

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