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Restore the Delta Presents New Environmental Justice Report at Stockton Press Conference

STOCKTON, CA – Today, Restore the Delta held a press conference to debut their new environmental justice report, “The Fate of the Delta: Impacts of Proposed Water Projects and Plans on Delta Environmental Justice Communities.” Restore the Delta created this historical, sociological report to document the environmental concerns and needs of those who will be harmed most by the Delta tunnels, while advocating for water quality and quantity policies that will serve the entire Delta community. “We wanted our community to have one document, one historical record of what we told the State Water Resources Control Board, what we have learned since that time, and how we have attempted to shift the stakes of the tunnels water right decision,” said [...]

Joint Statement from Restore the Delta and Food and Water Watch in Response to JLBC Hearing

SACRAMENTO, CA--Today the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) held an informational hearing to discuss the State Water Project (SWP) contract extensions. JLBC Chair Senator Holly Mitchell (D-30, Los Angeles) stated at the start and at the end of the hearing that the legislature would be fully committed to further legislative oversight of the Delta tunnels project, also known as California WaterFix (CA WaterFix). At the hearing, Director of the Department of Water Resources (DWR), Karla Nemeth, verbally committed to the JLBC that amendments before the legislature today would not be used to finance bonds for the Delta tunnels and that DWR would bring future SWP contract amendments related to the tunnels project back to the legislature for further review before [...]

The Three-Card Monte Continues: Essential JLBC Hearing for the State Water Contract Happening Tomorrow

Restore the Delta maintains that the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) hearing for the State Water Contract should not be held tomorrow, September 11, 2018 for the following reasons: 1) The State Water Contract does not contain the Delta tunnels amendments; Water Code 147.5 says that the State Water Contract must provide the terms and conditions for water supply contracts. Without the Delta tunnels amendments this direction under Water Code 147.5 cannot be met and is in violation of the law. There is no legislative history on file that explains how Water Code 147.5 was created in 2012, or for what purpose. We suspect that the State Water Contractors figured, we weren’t paying attention to the creation of this water [...]

In Cased You Missed It: Could Delta Tunnels Cost Balloon Fivefold like the Oroville Spillway Repair?

Clendaniel: Stop the Delta debacle before property owners get gouged – Ed Clendaniel for The Mercury News “In an audacious move, proponents argued that the Delta tunnels project is merely a “maintenance” project of the original State Water Project that California voters approved in 1960. No need to waste time going back to voters for what should be considered ongoing work, they say. “Talk about chutzpah. It would be the biggest digging project in U.S. history, the equivalent of building a 35-mile long, 10-lane freeway 150 feet underground, capable of moving enough water south to fill 8,000 Olympic-size swimming pools every day. “The governor and Southern California’s Metropolitan Water District’s desperate maneuver stems from their years-long struggle to get water [...]

ACTION ALERT: Help Us Stop the Resnick + MWD Water Heist

The recent legislative failures to stop the Cadiz Water Project and to enact the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund sting a little more knowing that the JLBC hearing is just a few short days away (September 11)—a meeting that would rubber stamp a 50-year State Water contract before Delta tunnels amendments have been finished and reviewed by the Committee and before a detailed financial plan for the tunnels is available. Instead of approving these two bills that would have benefitted the public trust, the legislature, fueled by MWD’s influence, are continuing to push through the JLBC hearing to put a rush order on tunnels construction. What’s worse is knowing that MWD’s influence and the Resnicks’ political contributions are shaping [...]

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