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We have to wonder. . .

In-Delta interests fought successfully to have the conservancy references removed from Feinstein’s NHA legislation.  Restore the Delta staff made it clear that we would not support the legislation if it had included references to the conservancy. Now we wonder, without the conservancy language, why is this bill still attractive to the Metropolitan Water District and the State Water Contractors?  Without their political support, this bill will never become a law.  But if a NHA designation provides the protections and assurances that are claimed for it, then it would make new conveyance much more difficult to complete. We’re skeptical of this NHA legislation if it’s backed by the water agencies in favor of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.

Speaking of the California Water Commission

We tried to get a meeting schedule for the California Water Commission by clicking on the link provided at the CWC website.   Back came this response: “Your message wasn't delivered because of security policies. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you.  Please provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.” Lots of programming text followed. We thought that was kind of cumbersome, so we repeated our request using “Comments or Suggestions” at the bottom of the CWC webpage.  That was two days ago. Hello, CWC staff.  If you don’t have a schedule yet, just let us know.   And you might want to do something about that message that makes a simple request for information sound [...]

When necessary, we can do it ourselves

In her latest post on California Spigot, journalist/anthropologist/blogger Patricia McBroom tells the story of how Delta residents saved a levee hit by a freighter last August.  They did it swiftly, efficiently, and at a fraction of what it would have cost for the state to do it.  These are some of the people that BDCP can’t be bothered to consult. http://www.californiaspigot.blogspot.com/

Crashing the Principals’ Office

By Brett Baker Over the past several weeks, the media has reported on "secret meetings" being held behind closed doors to set the course for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.  Resources Agency Director Lester Snow went before the DSC last week to refute the reports of "secret meetings" saying they were due to insufficient fact checking on the part of reporters and news media. On the morning of September 30th, 2010, a BDCP principals meeting was convened at the California Farm Bureau Federation off of Garden Highway in Sacramento. Those on the invite list included BDCP steering committee members who were only privy to the discussion, but not allowed to speak.  (Melinda Terry of the North Delta Water Agency- the [...]

Called into the Principals’ Office: The Not-So-Superintendent

Lester Snow may have been kicked upstairs from DWR Director to Resources Agency Secretary partly to ensure delivery of the Bay Delta Consesrvation Plan.  The Administration may have been thinking that potentially regulated entities (PREs) around the BDCP table were losing focus and Snow would be the one to get folks back on track and encourage compromise.  Unfortunately, last month the table was moved to a back room, and people from the Delta weren't given a key to get in. Delta legislators complained in a formal letter to Snow and the Department of the Interior, but the Schwarzenegger Administration is showing itself to be increasingly contemptuous of California's elected representatives. At the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) meeting on September 23, [...]

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