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Let’s all be reasonable

In addition to creating new monitoring and reporting requirements, the 2009 Water Package also created a Delta Watermaster.  Watermaster Craig Wilson will be presenting a report on “The Reasonable Use Doctrine and Agricultural Water Use Efficiency” to the Delta Stewardship Council next week. The report’s premise is that inefficient use of water is unreasonable use under the Reasonable and Beneficial Use Doctrine.  This report focuses on agriculture because “small changes in agricultural water use efficiency can produce significant amounts of ‘wet’ water and California’s agricultural sector, which has tested and proven many conservation practices, is in a position to identify economically justified and locally cost effective water management techniques that retain the value of return flows to both downstream users [...]

Ready. Fire. Aim.

On Jan 12th and 13th the Delta Independent Science Board (ISB) hosted a Delta Stressors Workshop.  According to the posted agenda, “The goal for January 12 is to identify alternative classifications of stressors and ways of evaluating their relative importance, especially considering interactions of multiple stressors. The goal for January 13 is to begin preparation of a synthesis report intended to assist the California Senate, Assembly and the Council in identifying approaches for addressing multiple Delta stressors.” Some members of the Board questioned the applicability or usefulness of the document they had been charged with producing. Many balked at the directive, saying that they lacked a goal, sufficient direction, or ways to measure the effectiveness of their product. Several board [...]

Tele-scoped, micro-scoped, sigmoido-scoped

This is a month for scoping. Last week the Bureau of Reclamation did scoping meetings in three Central Valley regions for the San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority’s long term water transfer from Northern California to the Westside. Long-time observers of Central Valley water grabs, note that conducting this EIS/EIR and establishing such a long term transfer of exports out of the Delta watershed in advance without the environmental reviews regarding the water needed for the ecological health of the Delta is an end run around the process. In addition, salt discharge and pounds of selenium in violation of Clean Water Act standards are being discharged by the Westside into the San Joaquin River and Delta.  Providing more water to [...]

Scoping the Delta Plan

Also this month, the Delta Stewardship Council is holding CEQA scoping meetings on the development of the Delta Plan.   Meetings are scheduled in Sacramento and Clarksburg on January 24 and in Stockton on January 25.  Meetings will also be help in Southern California (Diamond Bar), in Merced, in Concord, and in Chico.  (Yes, the Legislature gave this DSC a very long reach.)   Links to information on these scoping meetings are available at http://deltacouncil.ca.gov/calendar.html

Save the Date

Restore the Delta will be hosting a special Delta wine and art event on February 26, 2011.  Mark your calendars and stay tuned for details next week.

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