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Good news for smelt

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the constitutional authority of rules protecting the Delta smelt.   The Pacific Legal Foundation, representing San Joaquin Valley farmers, had argued that the federal protections for smelt had to be tied to regulation of interstate commerce. Sounds far-fetched to us.  The Court thought so, too.  After all, Delta smelt are not edible or sold. Read more here.

Bad news for salmon, and for fish generally

Congressman Jim Costa has introduced legislation that would modify rules laid out in the biological opinions in order to increase the amount of water that could be pumped from the Delta.  Costa says it would send an additional 200,000 acre feet of water to the southern Central Valley.  But it would also increase the level of reverse flow allowed in Old and Middle rivers.  That will interfere with seasonal fish runs and reverse progress on increasing the salmon population. Jeff Miller of the Center for Biological Diversity called the proposal “nothing more than an end run around the Endangered Species Act.” Costa continues to blame unemployment in the Central Valley on reduced water deliveries, although there is ample evidence that [...]

Adventures in Wonderland with the CWC

From hours of tedious briefings from the California Water Commission (CWC), it is always possible to extract a few interesting tidbits.  That is the case with the March 16 meeting. Let’s recall that the reason why the CWC was awakened from its 10-year slumber was to spend $3 billion in continuous appropriations from the Water Bond (still not approved by voters) “for public benefits associated with water storage projects that improve the operation of the state water system, are cost effective, and provide a net improvement in ecosystem and water quality conditions.” This involves consulting with the Department of Fish and Game to quantify ecosystem benefits and consulting with the State Water Resources Control Board to quantify water quality benefits. [...]

It is official

It’s asparagus season!  Whether it’s roasted, grilled, deep fried, or steamed, blanched for an Easter salad with lemon vinaigrette, transformed into a frittata, or found floating in a creamed soup, Delta asparagus, like Chinook salmon, is part of California’s food heritage.  Remember to support Delta farmers by looking for Delta asparagus at your farmer’s market or grocery store!  It’s good for your health and our economy.

Rio Vista Community Meeting Rescheduled?

Restore the Delta’s Delta Community Meeting Series Due to the numerous phone calls and emails we received requesting more information about Dr. Robert Pyke’s talk at our March 9th community meeting, we have scheduled a second community meeting looking at his work. We will also give the Rio Vista community an update on Restore the Delta’s work and mission! Come join us and learn about the issues and processes affecting the Delta!  Learn how you can help to protect and preserve the Delta we love! These meetings are free and open to friends of Restore the Delta, our members, members of the press, and area residents wishing to learn more. Wednesday May 4, 2011 *Guest Speaker:  Dr. Robert Pyke – Dr. Robert Pyke is [...]

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