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CA WaterFix Cost-Benefit Analysis: Another Incomplete, Inaccurate Chapter

Today, California WaterFix staff released a cost-benefit analysis of the new phased-in tunnels project. However, the analysis is incomplete, as it only examines the initial phased-in tunnel and states that analysis for the second tunnel would need to be completed in the future.   Restore the Delta will release additional responses to the document in the days ahead.  However, two areas of concern can be found from a simple perusal.   Numerous questions about the validity of the CalSimsII modeling used to determine needed flows through the Delta, storage of water behind dams, and water exports through the tunnels have been raised by protestants at the State Water Resources Control Board, yet it is the modeling system used for this [...]

CA WaterFix Players Need a Serious Fact-Check: As MWD’s tunnels tab continues to increase, water deliveries could decrease

Yesterday, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) General Manager Jeff Kightlinger reported to MWD Board Members on the Water Planning and Stewardship Committee that the new phased-in tunnels project would require a $5.1 billion contribution and that MWD would receive the same amount of water with operation of the first 6,000 cfs tunnel, as they would with operation of two 4,500 cfs tunnels.   General Manager Kightlinger has also indicated that the new proposed 6,000 cfs tunnel project has only gone through 30 percent of the conceptual engineering process. Consequently, construction and operational criteria cannot be verified fully for an independent financial analysis—without a completed, transparent operational analysis, it is quite possible that MWD could receive less water than [...]

Take a Victory Lap First, Then Call To Oppose Phased Approach to Delta Tunnels!

Dear Friends of the Bay-Delta,   Today we take our victory lap. After 12 years of fighting the Delta tunnels, your persistent advocacy, generosity, and support for Restore the Delta has resulted in defeating one of the most formidable versions of this conveyance project. Our profound gratitude for our members, partners, and donors is immeasurable.   When the Peripheral Canal was struck down by voters in 1982, the public stopped a 22,000 CFS proposal.   When the project was resurrected as the Bay Delta Conservation Project under former Governor Schwarzenegger in the early 2000s, it became a: 15,000 CFS project.   When Jerry Brown returned to the Governor’s office, the BDCP shrank again to a 9,000 CFS project in 2013. [...]

Restore the Delta Responds to DWR’s Announcement of Delta Tunnels Staged Approach

STOCKTON – Today, the California Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation released an official joint statement confirming a new phased approach to the Delta Tunnels project. The announcement follows months of statements about changes to the project by Metropolitan Water District General Manager Jeff Kightlinger after project proponents failed to secure sufficient funding from water districts asked to participate.   On September 26, 2017, Metropolitan Water District Jeff Kightlinger told the MWD Board of Directors that a 6,000 cfs tunnel, for about two-thirds of the water and two-thirds of the cost, had been looked at and could work.   On January 16, 2018 Douglas Headrick with the San Bernardino Valley Water District reported of MWD of [...]

Resnicks in “A Kingdom From Dust”

"I find a former partner of Resnick. He doesn’t know about the pipeline. What he knows is that Wonderful is buying up to 50,000 acre-feet of water a year in a series of hidden deals. The sellers include farmers in the Tulare Lake basin who are pumping so much water out of the ground that the levees protecting the town of Corcoran are sinking, not by inches but by feet. During the drought, the Boswell Company has drilled 52 holes into the old lake bottom — seven of these wells reaching a depth of 2,500 feet. To fix the subsidence, and keep the town dry in the next flood, residents and the state prison are having to pay $10 million [...]

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