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BREAKING: Joint Legislative Budget Committee Hearing for the Tunnels has been POSTPONED Indefinitely; Our Next Step to Defeating the Tunnels!

BREAKING: Joint Legislative Budget Committee Hearing for the Tunnels has been POSTPONED Indefinitely; Our Next Step to Defeating the Tunnels!   We have a win to celebrate today! Your calls, tweets, and emails have successfully POSTPONED the Joint Legislative Budget Committee hearing indefinitely!  This small victory is a testament of what we can achieve when we work together for a common goal (and the power of an impending deadline). Our coalition of NGOS, activists, and supporters demanded that key legislators involved in this hearing do not proceed until AFTER the tunnels financial plan is available to the public. You can count on us to hold them accountable. Though we may have won this battle, it’s on to the next. So [...]

ACTION ALERT: It’s time to call key legislators to help #StopTheTunnels!

We only have days left to stop a corrupt water handout to big agriculture and a blank check on California taxpayers. Please participate in this calling campaign put together by Food and Water Watch to help stop the Delta tunnels. Three key state legislators – Senator Holly Mitchell,  President pro tempore of the State Senate Toni Atkins, and Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon will decide if California should OK a 50-year blank check water contract.  Call these decision makers today at 1-866-846-4075 and tell them to delay the final hearing until they have been provided basic information on the contract and cost to taxpayers!  Under state law, DWR can finalize a long-term water contract 60 days after the Joint Legislative Budget Committee holds an informational [...]

ACTION ALERT: Gov. Brown: Don’t give Corporations a Blank Check for Water!

Our friends at Food & Water Watch need your help. It’s time to tell key legislators: it would be completely irresponsible to hold a final hearing on the water contract until we have all the information!  From our friends at Food & Water Watch: In the ongoing saga to stop Governor Brown’s multi-billion dollar corporate water project, CA Water Fix, now he’s moving quickly to amend California’s water supply contract so he can stick taxpayers with the bill without providing any process for transparency or public oversight. Send a message to key state legislators: tell them to stop Governor Brown from making his next move on this corrupt water deal! We recently exposed a major California water agency for breaking [...]

Attorney General Becerra Sends Letter to House Leaders Opposing Federal Riders

Thank you to Attorney General Becerra for opposing the Calvert, Valadao, and Denham riders. His fine letter expresses why these riders should be opposed. Read his letter here.

Restore the Delta Featured on Capital Public Radio to Discuss the SWRCB’s Recent Bay-Delta Water Quality Plan Updates

Our Executive Director, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, was featured on Capital Public Radio on July 30th to discuss the State Water Resources Control Board’s most recent updates to the Bay-Delta Water Quality Plan. Listen below.