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A Significant Report: The Freshwater-Starved Estuary

In case you missed it!  Original source from The Bay Institute How Reducing Flows Harms The Ecosystems Of  San Francisco Bay And Coastal Waters The Bay Institute’s major new study, San Francisco Bay: The Freshwater – Starved Estuary, documents how the ecological health of San Francisco Bay and the nearby ocean is at high risk because large-scale water diversion in the Bay’s watershed severely limits the amount of fresh water that reaches the Bay and alters the timing of that flow. Inflow to the Bay from its Central Valley watershed now averages less than half of what it would be without diversions; in some years just one-third of the runoff makes it to the Bay. The result is a nearly permanent drought for [...]

SF Chronicle op-ed: How to revive a dying delta

In case you missed it!  San Francisco Chronicle OPINION: How to revive a dying delta By Peter Drekmeier  October 25, 2016 Original link   Scientific reports published over the past several years have been unambiguous. The delta, the largest estuary on the West Coast, is on the brink of collapse.   Starved of freshwater inflow due to dams and water diversions, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta’s health has faced a precipitous decline over the past few decades. The recently released Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan offers our last best hope to revive the estuary that defines our region. The new plan calls for requiring more water to be released from dams into rivers, such as the Tuolumne, to help [...]

The Delta is for the Birds – Upcoming Delta Birding Events!

Next week, visit us at the 20th Annual Sandhill Crane festival! Restore the Delta will be at the Exhibit Hall providing free campaign materials and information on the current status of the Delta Tunnels project.   Content below is from the Delta Protection Commission's Weekly Happenings (Sign up for their weekly alerts here):   Over 2000 Species of Birds will visit the Delta via the Pacific Flyway this year.   Come celebrate their beauty and diversity at these Delta Birding Events:   The 20th Annual Sandhill Crane Festival - Lodi Each year thousands of visitors make their way to Lodi to experience one of nature's greatest spectacles. For 20 years, Lodi's Sandhill Crane Festival has celebrated the return of the cranes. [...]

DELTA TUNNELS: Fitch Downgrades Westlands’ Next Bond Sale

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Contact: Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, 209-479-2053, [email protected]   Stockton – This week, Fitch Ratings downgraded the scheduled October 26 bond sale by Westlands Water District from 'AA-' to 'A+'. “The downgrade reflects Fitch's view that district operations face increased pressure over time.” Read the announcement here.   Among the issues facing Westlands Water District, Fitch cites shrinking irrigated acreage, previous financial obligations, and the potential for increased “leveraging” to pay for the Delta Tunnels (CA WaterFix.) The statement includes a warning that overcommitting to the Delta Tunnels could push the rating even lower. “Public reports now estimate the district's share of future costs of the California Fix at $2.5 billion… Significant further leverage by the [...]

Was Jerry Brown kidding, or is he worried about legacy projects?

In case you missed it!  Sacramento Bee OPINION: Was Jerry Brown kidding, or is he worried about legacy projects? By Dan Walters October 15, 2016 Original link and video   Jerry Brown and his predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, this month jointly celebrated the 10th anniversary of California’s war against greenhouse gas emissions.   Brown pointed out that Schwarzenegger not only signed the 2006 bill, but also championed two immense public works projects that Brown has adopted as his own.   “Arnold, thanks for being for climate change, cap and trade, the tunnels project, high-speed rail and all the other unpopular issues I’m saddled with,” Brown kidded Schwarzenegger.   However, maybe he was kidding on the square, revealing worries that boring two huge water [...]