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State Water Resources Control Board Fails To Conduct Impartial And Fair Hearings Regarding California WaterFix

STOCKTON, CA - Today, the State Water Resources Control Board issued a ruling that restarts California WaterFix hearings despite a change in the project for the proposed Delta tunnels (link to ruling to here). Recent motions to stay the hearing included intense criticism from Delta cities, counties, farmers, and environmental groups (protestants). The protestants had filed motions to stay the hearings as testimony in the tunnels hearings to date had assumed two tunnels constructed and operated simultaneously. Protestants argued that DWR’s recent announcement of a phased-in project, in which one larger tunnel would be built first with a second tunnel added later, would impair their cases. Due process, they argued, would require delay in the hearings to permit protestants a [...]

April 2018: Delta Smelt Spawning March

Decades of overpumping the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary and greed-driven water mismanagement has lead California to a critical moment in its environmental history. Only two Delta smelt were identified in the state's last fish survey--the lowest count in 50 years. Now more than ever, this small but mighty indicator species needs fresh water to flow through the Delta, but the federal and state government have other plans.

2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Documented Stance on the Tunnels

The Delta Tunnels project will have an enormous impact on California's water future! 2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Documented Stance on the CA WaterFix Delta Tunnels Note: We only included the leading gubernatorial candidates from each party according to what we found on Wiki, Ballotpedia and LA Times. These are not endorsements. We are a non-partisan campaign. We are sharing this with the understanding that people will vote for the candidates that they like. This is for the sole purpose of keeping our supporters informed.   Democratic Party   Gavin Newsom - ??? Story from Sacramento Bee (1/25/18) Newsom also praised Brown’s openness to scaling back the water conveyance project to a single tunnel, which he said he hoped would lead to [...]

Incomplete Cost-Benefit Analysis on Phased Delta Tunnels Focuses on Project Beneficiaries Instead of Statewide Impacts

STOCKTON – Environmental and public interest nonprofit Restore the Delta thoroughly examined the state’s recently released cost-benefit analysis of the newest phased-in version of the Delta Tunnels project.   The study by UC Berkeley Economist David Sunding, was released this Tuesday to justify construction of a single tunnel even though the Department of Water Resources continues to plan for a second tunnel, as evidenced by their continued fight at the State Water Resources Control Board for the water right needed to build and operate a two tunnels project.   Restore the Delta policy analyst Tim Stroshane said that the study ignores the majority of Californians by only examining benefits for State Water Project contractors. Among other costs, it fails to [...]

MWD’s Growing Control of Delta Tunnels; Findings in State’s Cost Benefit Analysis

A ‘water grab’? Southern California water agency eyes possible control of Delta tunnels project – Sacramento Bee “‘It would certainly raise a lot of concerns to have Metropolitan controlling the Delta tunnels,’ said WaterFix critic Doug Obegi, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council. ‘Management of the Delta is supposed to be by the state on behalf of all the state’s citizens ... and giving Met greater control really undermines trust that the facility would be operated responsibility and that would be operated with the benefit of all Californians.’”   State: Delta tunnels a good investment - Stockton Record “Sunding’s study does not take the statewide approach that Delta advocates have called for, Michael said. It does not, for example, consider [...]

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