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Restore the Delta Warns SCVWD Board Directors of CA WaterFix Risks in Comment Letter

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Press Release: 
Restore the Delta Warns SCVWD Board Directors of CA WaterFix Risks in Comment Letter

Restore the Delta submitted a formal letter regarding the risks of the CA WaterFix proposal to the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board of Directors today. The comment letter outlined various fiscal, environmental, and supply reliability risks of the project for not only Silicon Valley, but the entire state.
Policy Analyst for Restore the Delta, Tim Stroshane said:
“We wanted District Board members to grasp the risks California WaterFix poses to the District, their customers, and to the environmental justice communities of the Delta—and for what? Silicon Valley only takes a four percent share of Delta exports, yet they would shoulder a heavy financial burden with the Tunnels for several generations to come. WaterFix is not worth it, especially considering the lower cost alternatives we provided them.”
Executive Director of Restore the Delta, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla said:
“Our findings clearly indicate that CA WaterFix is a project loaded with physical and economic risks.  It does not provide the water supply reliability benefits that Santa Clara Valley Water District staff members and the Brown Administration have been selling to Santa Clara Valley Board Members, and the public, for years. The endless pursuit of this pipe dream needs to end—the state and SCVWD need to refocus their time, money, and planning processes on sustainable water solutions for the future.”
To read the full letter, click here.



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