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2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Documented Stance on the Tunnels

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NOTE: If you know of any more candidate positions, let us know so we can add/update.
2018 GubernatoGavin Newsom – Anti-tunnels
Story from LA Times (2/15/15)

“The delta twin tunnels, as presently envisioned, also likely would be buried.
Those are Gov. Jerry Brown’s two big legacy-builders. But Brown will be termed out after 2018, and Lt. Gov. Newsom’s goal is to succeed him.
The two Democrats see eye-to-eye on many things, but not on the train or the tunnels.”

Delaine Eastin – Anti-tunnels
From an interview with LA Times (7/20/17)

“While I disagree with the twin tunnels, most of his environmental decisions have been pretty good. I wish, though, that he had banned fracking.
On the issue of water, do you support the delta tunnel project or proposals for new reservoirs?
“The first thing we need is a long-range plan for water. The idea that the last water plan was done in 1957 is ridiculous. So first you do a long range plan for water, and then you decide what kinds of accommodations you have to make in order to realize the goals.
“I’m not convinced the twin tunnels are environmentally or ecologically sound at all. I think they’re a stop gap. Most of the best sites for reservoirs have already been used. Why didn’t we have a plan for saving all that rainwater that fell this year that ran into the ocean? If we had had a plan to capture that saline-free water and inject it into our groundwater aquifers we’d be far better off than if we build the twin tunnels and run the risk of damaging San Francisco Bay forever.”

Antonio Villaraigosa – Anti-tunnels (or so he says)
Story from the Stockton Record (7/18/17)

“He is opposed to the tunnels but in favor of a transportation system that would link California” (aka anti-tunnels, but pro-high speed rail, or something like it)

John Chiang – Anti-tunnels
Story from the LA Times (4/18/16)

“Chiang is also skeptical about the governor’s $15.5-billion proposal to dig two 35-mile, 40-foot-wide water tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.
“You can’t start building tunnels and further devastate the ecosystem of the delta,” he said. “My first priority is to preserve the delta.”
But he advocates more water storage — both above and below ground, preferably the latter.”


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  • David Ruddle
    July 25, 2017, 11:59 am

    I’m sad nothing in our world is safe from greed. We are destroying our world, Delta incuded. Stop the madness and remove human shackles!

  • shiela cockshott
    July 26, 2017, 4:12 pm

    Thanks for the good info

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